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Lean Product Development in Offline Business

During a conversation yesterday with an entrepreneur friend of mine i came across this argument that Lean and Iterative product development is a very good concept but is use in Offline businesses is not possible at all .  I understand that it is much easier to test a product development assumption online because with little […]

NPC-13 – Selling for Engineers – Geeks Turned into Sales Honchos

As part of Nasscom Product Conclave-2013 , we wanted to make sure we come up with interesting sessions which are insightful yet give you practical tips which you can implement in your startup.. One of the more popularly requested session by the startup community  is the  Selling for Engineers because most start-ups in India are started […]

A/B Testing – Increased Ad clicks by 40% !!!

A/B testing is a simple way to test changes to your page against the current design and determine which ones produce positive results. This is made famous by Google as 1 % test wherein Google would test changes to their websites by driving only 1% of the traffic to the new design and then  measure […]

SUV or small Car : What makes sense ?

One more article in the series which highlights difference between emotional purchases versus rational purchases..  Just got off the phone with a friend who wants to upgrade his car from Alto to SUV/MUV(Innova or XUV 500) and i had a hard time explaining him that it does not make sense because you dont buy a […]

Find out the secret sauce of Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Foursquare

One of the questions which come to mind while reading about the stupendous success of Instagram is “How a company which has only 12 employees built a product which hooked up 30+million users in a short span of time?” What is the secret sauce which makes Instagram drive its 30+ million users to use the product frequently? During […]

Does buying a 90 lakh apartment make sense as an investment ?

At 30 years of age should you buy that 90Lakh(1500 sqft) Apartment in a large city ?   Is the question which many of my friends have asked me over the last 2-3 years and each time i wanted to tell them it is a foolish thing to do because …. But held myself back […]

IRCTC Tatkal – Practical Tips to beat others in race

IRCTC  is the sole website from which one can book railways tickets  online in Indian Railways . The only other way of  booking a rail ticket is to head to the nearest Railway booking counter in your city . Knowing the amount of crowd in the booking center it is preferable to book tickets online […]

Should you look for a tech co-founder ?

Preface : This article chronicles our experience in Opendoor Technologies in finding the technical skills to develop our product  and i hope that it gives a idea of startup challenges and also answer the question of  ‘Should you look for a technical co-founder’ for your startup ———————————————————– Its been 8 months since we started off […]

1 st Lap of the Roller Coaster Ride

Hi , This would be my second update on our entrepreneurial journey after my previous post <Start of an entrepreneurial Journey>. As i write this update  i sense the adrenaline rush of having gone through a roller coaster ride in the last 2 .5 months hence the title of the post “1st lap” ! . Along the line we […]

Desire Engine -Secret Sauce of Instagram , Pinterest is now public !

Hi , Throughly enjoyed using the Desire Engine framework by Nir Eyal to analyzed 4 companies .  This analysis should explain why Facebook paid $1 billion for Instagram . Do read the complete analysis in my blog post at   Rgds Avinash MB