Diderot Effect

Around a month back met a friend who has moved into a new home and told me that after 2 weeks in the new home he decided to buy a refrigerator costing 1 lakh. Having known him for over 25 years this sort of spending seemed very unlike him.When asked he said his wife and... Continue Reading →

Switch to Cold Pressed Oils

As a student of  economics, I love to study the price patterns of commodities and try to pick up reasons for the price movement. I recently studied the price of chicken and why it has stayed at the same level for almost a decade. I noticed a similar pattern in the price of oils which... Continue Reading →

India’s self goal

Last week I happened to be at the Bullet Proof investment seminar at Chennai and had the pleasure of listening to the wisdom of Nilesh Shah. He bought out very interesting stats to showcase that India will finally grow after the painful transition from the economy from informal to formal.He ended the talk in raising... Continue Reading →

PaytmMoney -Investor education Platform ?

Last week I listened to the ShunyaOne podcast which featured Pravin Jadhav from PaytmMoney. The podcast has several interesting nuggets on how the PaytmMoney journey started and what challenges they had to solve in bringing out this platform live. But for me, the most important part of the conversation was this statement that most of... Continue Reading →

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