Power of Positive Frame of Mind

During one of the podcasts, Tim Ferris mentioned about having a positive frame of mind when viewing how things in your life. He bought about this point by pointing out to a common phenomenon which happens when you begin noticing more of certain things ever since you have started thinking about it. Imagine you decide... Continue Reading →

Bookending your day!

Most days we have no control over how the day is going to pan out, you could be happy that you achieved what you had planned or could be sad because things did not work out. This is is because regardless of how you feel we dont control most things which happen in our day.... Continue Reading →

Hard Work = Success really?

Yesterday I listened to this beautiful podcast between Naval Ravikant and Kapil Gupta on how we have romanticized hard work and how in general it is wrong advice to give. It does sound counterintuitive but I would suggest you read on further to understand more. Hard Work means Success? Over time the general narrative for... Continue Reading →

How does Anger affect you?

Have you noticed what happens when you are angry with someone or something which has happened ?. When we are angry we are hurting ourselves first because the negative emotions hurt us first before it moves or impacts the other person. In fact when you are angry and keep holding on to that though you... Continue Reading →

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