Bookending your day!

Most days we have no control over how the day is going to pan out, you could be happy that you achieved what you had planned or could be sad because things did not work out. This is is because regardless of how you feel we dont control most things which happen in our day. It then makes for a variable outcome every day and there is one simple method called as ‘Book Ending your day‘ which can help you break free from this uncertainty. Let me explain it in simple terms. By starting off the day with a simple routine (as simple of as making the bed) and ensuring that you do that task very well daily you are starting off the day in complete control. It may sound trivial at first but just getting that morning routine kick-started lets you feel in control and gives you a simple joy of setting the momentum going for the day. Once the momentum for the day is set it is usually maintained regardless of what happens. Do try it and you will see a big change in your life. The other end of the spectrum is how you end your day, here too by having a simple routine you can conquer how the day ends for you. This routine can be anything like reading an inspirational book, listening to your favourite podcast or music, do something which is sure to make you happy before you go to sleep! Thus this simple act of starting and ending your day with simple routines lets you feel in control of the day because you are on control of the start and the end of the day!. By ending the day in control and doing something which you love you are also setting up for an awesome sleep as it is a well known and researched fact that your mind chews on the very last thing it was doing before sleep.

This is a concept which I picked up from the book Compound Effect by Darren Hardy and have been practising for the last 3 months. My daily routine is now to start my day with a daily reflection session where I decide to pen down my thoughts and observations for the previous day. The routine before I sleep is around listening to my favourite podcast until I sleep. Actually, what I have understood that what you do in the routine itself are not so important, it is this act of doing it daily which gives you complete control so go ahead to start thinking of routines. Remember even making the bed (Tim Ferris’s morning routine) can give you an edge because it is about the act of doing things consistently as a routine which helps in feeling in control. This is the power of routines and you can enhance this by ‘Book Ending your day’

So how would you like to ‘Book End Your Day’?

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