SmellTheCheese-Pay if You profit Model

SmellTheCheese Stock Picks- Pay if You Profit

The stock recommendations shared by me on this group are based on study of charts which i have been doing since 2004. I was regularly posting stock recommendations upto 2008 after which i discontinued because i had stopped trading and doing TA. Now in 2013 i am restarting my stock recommendations and these are being shared with you free of cost with no obligation for you to pay me for the stock recommendations. How ever to keep myself motivated to share stock recommendations i have come up with a unique model called as Pay if you Profil (PIYP)

Whats this PIYP model ??

1. Its a voluntary model of payment where i expect people who are using my recommendations and have benefited from it to pay me for my recommendations. It is a voluntary model where you can choose to pay out of gratitude towards me for having done the stock research and spent the time.Minimum amount is Rs 100 and maximum is left to your choice.

Remember its a voluntary model .. You pay if you like to pay , also you pay only if you make profits from this trade .. else you dont pay !

2. The payments are to be made only if you make a profit of at-least 4k and above, else you can continue to use the stock recommendations without feeling guilty about it. I dont want to make money just getting a token money keeps me motivated because i know that my research is being used by others.

3. Payments can be made to my ICICI Bank account “ICICI Bank a/c 004701014054.The details regarding IFSC code , payee name etc have been share below.

ICICI Bank account Number :  004701014054

IFSC Code :   ICIC0000047

Payee Name: Avinash MB