SGX Nifty – useful pointer for Indian market

SGX Nifty  is a clever move by SGX exchange to catch on the red-tapism of trading in the Indian markets for the FII. Indian regulators place a lot of restriction on trading in the Indian markets and these are viewed as red-tape by them . To allow for people in Singapore to take bets on the Indian maket SGX started to offer futures based on the NSE Nifty Index .  This has become a very popular traded futures on the SGX exchange .

This way the FII’s can bet on the Indian Index NSE by registering themselves in a more liberal environment of Singapore yet take bets on indian index .  This bought about an interesting change for the Indian traders as the SGX  exchange opens earlier to trading due to the time difference between IST and SST .

To respond to this the NSEIndia shifted the trading hours from 10:00 am to 9:00 am so that the time gap between SGX exchange and NSE lowers to 1:30 mins instead of 2:30 hours . But still for Indian traders wanting a heads up on overnight developments SGX Nifty provides a gospel .  But the SGX website does not make it easy to find the SGX quotes due to which many websites have sprung up to offer the SGX Nifty quotes . The most popular of them is “SGX Nifty Live”  which provides SGX Nifty quotes based on a best efforts basis.

So lets make use of this service to keep track of SGX nifty before it opens in India at 9:00 am.


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