Scrollable online comic – an innovative way to highlight a start-up

What’s a scrollable comic, you might be wondering? Head to ShoutOut to get a glimpse.

It is one of the coolest ways to interactively convey website’s message to people. You don’t need to use lots of text, you simply use visual cues manipulated by the arrow keys (or whatever navigation mechanism your device has) and you can move around inside the comic. As you scroll down the comic, story of the comic builds up and you will understand more of the website’s message.

A quick background on ShoutOut: It is a new service to empower you and me, the consumers in India. You can compare this service to but instead of reviews you have complaints. Yes, we are all aware of how lousy companies and organisations can act in India simply because there is no redress mechanism. There is a consumer court but it hardly does anything when you approach it. Besides, instead of approaching the courts, sometimes you just want to register a complaint somewhere so that the others can see them and be warned.

The ShoutOut team is also looking for like-minded investors who are passionate in creating a people-forum for consumer redressal. Up till now the founders have funded the entire idea themselves but in order to give it a required marketing push, more funds will be required. Send email to if you are interested.

So why scrollable comic? And why Rajnikanth?

Have you had enough of Rajnikanth?.  Definitely no, according to the promoters of ShoutOut. That’s why, “Rajni Sir” is the central character in the comic who moves around and shares his experiences. Since he is adorned hero, his superpowers are further augmented by the information he gets from, yes, you guessed it right, from ShoutOut.

It’s definitely an innovative way to communicate a website’s message. It immediately grabs attention of the visitors. There is constant interactivity as you have to scroll downwards or upwards in order to experience the storyline. Different events and triggers take place as you reach particular spots. Since there is always something or the other happening, you cannot take your eyes off the screen unless you have reached the end and drawn the conclusion Isn’t this every copywriter and advertiser aspires to achieve?

The online scrollable comic at ShoutOut is complete HTML 5 stuff. This is a new web design and development protocol that is quickly eliminating the need of Flash and embedded videos. This latest technology stores animation data locally (in cache) so that there is no lag while using the graphics needed for smooth transitions. HTML 5 also makes it possible to view heavy duty graphics and videos across devices. So whether you’re viewing the ShoutOut scrollable comic on your computer/laptop screen, or your latest iPhone or Samsung smart phone, you practically get the same experience.

There is another salient fact about this comic; despite using cutting-edge technology all the talent that has gone into creating this marvellous comic has come from within India. All graphic designers, programmers and developers came together from their respective locations (collaborating in the cloud, of course).

So enjoy the comic and then use the website to empower yourself

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