About this Blog

This is a blog which aims to provide free stock recommendations based on Technical analysis done by me .  All stock recommendations are free of costs and all the analysis done by me would be shared in an open and transparent manner  on the blog it self with clear justifications and risk level grading

Each recommendation would have

a)  A technical chart

b)  Targets and Stoplosses

c) Risk profile of the recommendation.

About Avinash MB 

Apart from working as a techie in Bangalore i am also a stock market enthusiast and was a active practicing technical analyst  who at one point had a huge emailing group with 2000+ members by the name “SmellTheCheese” .  Over the years i have moved on to doing several experiments on the internet space by playing around with several prototypes of internet businesses as an hobby.

This blog is my way of giving back to the society by leveraging my financial knowledge by giving open and clear stock recommendations.  I also would share some nuggets of knowledge about investing, retirement planning and several other such related topics for the benefit of Indian audience.

You may contact me at avinashmkb78 (AT) gmail.com for further information