Rediffmail – Indian Product Capturing Imgination

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I am not sure how many of you  are aware of Rediffmail which is an email service from .   It is a product which has been entirely build by an indian technology company and has millions of users on a daily basis . To get a view on the number of users of this service lets look at this metric from

The above image shows that around 26 % of all  traffic on is going to rediffmail . Now lets see how many visitors are these. The below snapshot shoes the number of visitors to i.e around 5 million users. So it means that 1.25 million people are using rediffmail services every day.

So a home grown product is being used by so many users . As per own addmission they have 25 million user base among which 1.25 million users are using the service daily.   Yes gmail is better and has good features , butr somehow rediffmail is holding on to it perch and still there are many loyal customers like me . Though i have moved to gmail ,i have ensured that all my emails from rediffmail is forwarded to my gmail account by subscribing to the Rs 300/ year POP3 plan from . I think this is the best option to retain the existing email address yet get the technically superior service like The purpose of writing this article is to show that an Indian technology company like rediff has built a world class (not any more now with gmail being the best) and take on the global majors.

To know more on how to do login to your account click < rediffmail login >

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