Jumping into Full time Entrepreneurship , after 13 years

After 8.5 years with NSN family and total 13 years if workexperience I have decided to part ways  and to focus on my dream of creating a service which would add value to the people .  The decision to move is something which has been in the planning phase for the last 3 years.   During the last year we evaluated several ideas and then finally landed with the idea of using the power of internet to fight back the companies which are providing shoddy services and products . This was the thought process with which we have created www.shoutout.co.in  in beta version using our own funds. This venture would be co-founded with Santosh AR who happens to be  NSN employee too. During the last several weeks I have spoken to several of you and received some super feedback and new ideas which would help us make us effective , I would like to extend my thanks to each one of  you to give me a opportunity to speak to you and explain what Shoutout is all about  , for those of whom I could not meet in person , here is a short summary of what we intend to do at Shoutout…

What Shoutout is and what it is not ….

Shoutout is a consumer complaints board which would help you to amplify your complaint using the power of Internet so that the companies are forced to respond fearing negative publicity .  This means that logging a complaint with us on our portal  may not result in a immediate resolution of your problem , but then why should you use our platform ? .. The picture below shows how we intend to add value to consumers  . While a single complaint may not see a resolution immediately , over time we would have sufficient complaints which would adversely affect a company’s online reputation and then we would be approaching these companies to tie up so that they can look into individual complaints . On our part we would invest in a setup which validates the complaints by reviewing it in detail to  ensure that it is genuine complaint  and has all relevant information for the company to resolve the complaint.


Now that I have explained what we are , I also would like his article to clarify what we would not be doing

  •  We don’t promise to followup on individual complaints , but we would be following up on a group of complaints by tying up with the companies .We would  exploiting the fear of  negative publicity on our  platform to get them to look into complaints and resolve them.
  •  We don’t accept complaints against government bodies and personal complaints as we believe that our approach of using the power of internet would not work in these types of complaints.

If you like to follow how ShoutOut initiative is progressing I suggest that you like our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ShoutoutIndia  or subscribe to our twitter feed http://twitter.com/#!/shoutoutIndia .

Avinash MB

New Email : Avinash.mb@shoutout.co.in

Phone number : +919845328822


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  1. Sukanta Naskar wrote::

    This is ready a great idea to get proper service from various companies and it is also good for the companies to get genuine and validated complaints to improve their product and services.

    Friday, May 4, 2012 at 9:55 am #
  2. a@b.com wrote::

    So what happened to your great venture? Your Facebook page hasn’t been updated in more than a year and your website doesn’t open.
    Let me guess, you simply don’t have enough clout for companies to care about people shouting about them on your site?

    Monday, October 28, 2013 at 12:16 pm #