IRCTC Tatkal – Practical Tips to beat others in race

IRCTC  is the sole website from which one can book railways tickets  online in Indian Railways . The only other way of  booking a rail ticket is to head to the nearest Railway booking counter in your city . Knowing the amount of crowd in the booking center it is preferable to book tickets online  , but for people whose travel has been decided in the short term booking tickets by ‘irctc login‘ and then selecting the tatkal option is the online way we can get tickets for travel in the next 24 hours. But we all know how painful this experience can be

IRCTC login Tatkal joke
Joke on how difficult it is to book tatkal tickets

The main issue which is faced during the IRCTC ticket booking  is that as many as 8 lakh people are vying to get the tickets booked before it is taken by others and since the book window opens at 10:00 am people all want to book tickets at the same time. Below are some pratical tips on how one can avoid the errors like Session expired, Service unavailable type of errors after ‘irctc login‘.

a)  IRCTC login 10 mins before 10:00 am : Tatkal window open at 10:00 am daily and one must not try to login to IRCTC at exactly 10:00 am  as the IRCTC website will now all login to the website after 10:00 am to limit the number of  users competing for tatkal tickets. So please login to the website by 9:50 am.

b) Avoid session expired message after irctc login : The second biggest issue which one faces during the irctc ticket booking is the session expired message. If this message appears then it means  you need to perform  irctc login again and this may mean that you may not get your tickets are login will be disabled for upto 1 hour from 10:00 am.

IRCTC Login session expired
Dreaded IRCTC Login expired window

To prevent this from happening one needs to ensure that the session is kept active. Once you have initiated the booking it is best to keep this link <IRCT Terms & Conditions> opened in another tab of the browser and this needs to be refreshed every 2-3 minutes so that the IRCTC system does not timeout the session which you are using to book the tickets. The key is to open the link in another tab of the same browser link which is being used to book login to irctc website.

c)  Use Autofill for ticket details : The 3rd most important tip which may use to speeden up the Tatkal ticket bookings after ‘IRCTC Login‘ would be to use the ‘Magic Autofill‘ tool to prefill the details of your tickets into this tool and just invoke the ‘Magic Autofill’ tool bar on your browser (Chrome/Firefox). This will ensure that all the ticket detailed filled up earlier are simple filled into the ticket form in 1 click , this saving precious few minutes of data-entry time during the tatkal booking rush.

Magic Autofill for IRCTC Tatkal
Use Magic Autofill after IRCTC Login

To do this you need to visit the ‘Magic Autorefill’ page and prefill all the ticket details and then click on ‘I am feeling lucky’ button. This will generate a blue box called as ‘Magic autofill’ , just drag this to the browser status bar (see detailed steps on attached video too).This will crease a clickable button in the browser toolbar which when clicked will lead to 1 touch filling of the ticket forms on IRCTC website after you have logged to the website using your user name and password.

d) Use chrome browser:  For ‘irctc login’ it is preferable to use Chrome browser over Firefox or Internet Explorer. We have noticed that Chrome browser tends to perform better in ticket bookings.

e)  Keep station codes and other details handy :  One of the other issues which we have seen is that in the rush hour (10:00 am to 11:00 am) functionality to search from and destination will not work . It is better to keep the 3 digit code for both the source and destination for tickets stored on a notepad earlier. This can save precious few minutes during the Tatkal peak hour of 10:00 am to 11:00 am.

f) IRCTC Login using mobile :  Another little trick which has been observed is that when the tickets are booked via the mobile lead to higher success rate as the page expiry does not get displayed again and again . So one may use this feature by visting the mobile link and  then performing irctc login using your regular user name and password.

IRCTC Login Mobile Screen 1      
IRCTC Login Mobile Screen 1


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