How to hack your next job via LinkedIN?


Being in the Digital Marketing domain I have been asked by a couple of friends if this knowledge of Digital Marketing techniques can help a candidate land a better job. Heck the answer is yes ! 🙂 .. I will reveal the secret to hack your way into your next job .Do you want to share this with your friends 🙂

Understand Market Scenario

As explained in my previous posting post <Reskill or Perish> , the market is changing where for every advertised role we have 1500+ applications which are received .No this number of 1500 may seem like an exaggeration but i have seen that both LinkedIn and IIMjobs posts having such numbers. I have seen a good position or a opening in a reasonably large / well known company does receive an average of 1000 applications. In effect there is no way that the Talent Acquisition guy can go through this long list of applications to come up with a shortlist. So i have observed that many companies are now refraining from posting jobs and instead asking Talent acquisition to reach out to candidates who fit the profile and then make a list of 10 candidates for final interview with the hiring manager. So the situation has changed , instead of calling for applications the companies are now seeking out the right talent which suits the job. This is a major shift which one needs to understand while looking for a job.

LinkedIn SEO and why ?

Given that it is turning out to a race to be in the list of shortlisted candidates , there are limited tools with Talent Acquisition guys can use to make this shortlist . LinkedIn , AngelList(mainly startup) are the only tools which can be used by them to lookout for the people who will match their job opening. This is where the keywords come into picture. Given the limited understanding the Talent acquisition guy he/she uses a set of keywords to look out for candidates. This is why having the right profile on LinkedIn/AngelList(for startups) makes sense. Because if you don’t have the right keywords your profile will never show up in the search results of the Talent Acquisition guy. So need to get a good profile with all the relevant keywords.

Optimize your profile on LinkedIn to be found

But what are the keywords ? This is a tough question for most people who don’t understand how these things work. But fortunately there is a good solution which LinkedIn offers , but this is not very well known to many of the guys in the market. LinkedIn offers what is known as a Job Seekers premium login which comes up a whole host of features. The two most important features which will help you to crack the profile optimization are

  1. KeyWord suggestion tool: This is called as Optimize your profile to be found , where LinkedIn shows up 10-12 keywords based on your existing profile and domain in which you are working. Just use these to revamp your profile.
  2. Profile ranking tool : It shows a rank of your profile against similar ones in your domain. This acts as a feedback channel to show how well you rank against competition 🙂

Using the above tools one can revamp their whole profile so that they rank better. Having an optimized profile is like having an unfair advantage in this race for jobs.

Sell Your profile on LinkedIN

In the previous section i talked about how your profile needs to be optimized for it to be found. But that is only 1/2 the job as you will still need to stand out amongst the various other profiles. This is a job of how well you can sell your profile to the the Talent acquisition guy who is now looking at your profile. Some of the obvious things which i notice are

  • Good Picture: Having a good picture on Linkedin profile. This sends out a message to the recruiter. Preferable to have one in formals.
  • Completed Profile : Have a complete LinkedIN profile which lists all your experiences. Can tailor this as per what sort of position/job are you aspiring to look for e.g if you want to join a startup then showcase your roles where you played roles of wearing different hats.
  • Build a story: The profile should tell a story rather than just list out of what you have done. Stitch this into a nice story so that the Talent acquisition guy sees you as a candidate. This means you must have made up your mind on what kind of role/domain you would like to have your next job. Without this your story will fall flat !!
  • Participate on various LinkIn forums: On Linkedin there are forums of all types on different domains. All your activity is showcased on your profile , so your participation would be a iceing on the cake for the profile.
  • LinkedIn Premium Badge: Once you get a LinkedIn premium profile it shows up as a small badge on your profile. This is seen by the recruiter as a signal that you may be looking to change the job. So having the LinkedIn premium job does help in sending a subtle signal that you are looking for a change.
  • Write a blog on LinkedIn: A well written blog in your domain goes a long way in adding credibility to your profile. Be sure to pick a blog post which showcases your ability in the area or domain in which you are looking for a job.

There are other techniques which can be used and what i have covered above are a few tips which can help you jumpstart your profile in this race for the next job. As usual comments are welcome and should any of you need personal advice , will be happy to share it with you. If you know me personally you can write to me , else please send me an email at and would be glad to help you withe personal tips & suggestions

Avinash MB

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