Follow your Passion ..

Yesterday i saw this wonderfull video which shows a person started a dance party in ‘Sasquatch music festival 2009′

The video shows how a dancer is enjoying himself throughly in his own weird dance sequence. The beauty of this video is that even though the dance moves made by him sound weird at the first glance .. the fact that the guy is throughly enjoying himself makes it interesting. In fact some people first check him out and then slowly but surely many people join him .. and eventually we see that the whole stadium joins into this dance revolution.

But the video does no show  that this person was dancing for more than 2 hours before he was joined by his first partner as shown in the video . So this guy really believed that people would follow him eventually hence continued to dance around for 2 hours !

I think this little video has a secret which i believe is the key to understand why some people are super sucessfull in their life. This has been something which i have always observed all my life whenever i meet or read about successful people.

The secret lies in the fact that if you are passionate of something and then they start working on your passion in a whole hearted manner , then success will be yours. I call this mantra as “Follow Your Passion”

Follow your Passion Explained

In fact most successful people start off like the dancer in the video which is attached , they start by working on things/ideas which they are passionate about . In fact when you meet these sucessfull guys they seem like ordinary guys , but what makes them stand apart is the drive with which they are putting efforts towards their passion/idea. Even though things may not be going their way in the initial stages they will put all their efforts on it . In fact they fight several rounds by self doubt by believing in their own ideas and njoying themselves along the way.

The dancer in this video also goes through this phase where he is alone (watch the full version) where he is just dancing by himself.. and then eventually he finds one follower who joins him and slowly we see that the whole stadium joins him..

So this video shows that if you follow your passion for a long time you will eventually find sucess in your life. Would like to highlight this with an example of Captain Gopinath .

Not many of you know that Captain Gopinath started off his career in the army and then after 6 years in Army he decided to do some unusual things.He took up farming in a barren land in Hassan: The land when he started was untenable and people thought he was crazy to take up farming. But Gopinath was passionate about his idea that farming can be sustainable and then over the next 10 years he made this untenable piece of land into an award winning farm. In fact not many know that he has won Rolex award for Developing new farming techniques ! See that he was sucessfull in making his idea a reality , but note that this was not achieved in 1 year , but took him 10 longs years to reach where he is now. This is what i mean by ‘Follow Your Passion’ and then eventually you will be sucessfull .. there will be moments of trouble but eventually u will be sucessfull.

Orginally published on my blog was was hacked so reposting here !

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