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Google Home – Will it be your default interface in future ?

Google Unveiled its Amazon Echo challenge with much fanfare recently with many projecting that over time Google Home will become the preferred choice of interface replacing the touch screen based interface with a voice-based interface. Being a digital marketer I was keen to understand the interface and also as a consumer I wanted to play […]

Professional Advice – Avinash MB

Every week , I have decided to keep 2 hours on Saturday to be available to professional , StartUps & Business Leaders to help them with challenges that they are facing. The only condition is that the topic of discussion has to be in one of the areas below – Digital Marketing – Product Marketing/Management […]

नमस्ते – 2016 will be the Year when Digital finally goes truly Vernacular.

As the year is coming to end, I was thinking about the Digital trend which we should watch out for in the coming year. After much thought, I figured that one trend which is gaining some momentum and expected to become mainstream in 2016.The trend which I am talking about is the vernacular internet. Booming Vernacular […]

A Brilliant Landing Page: One that gives 20% Conversion Rate via Adwords.

In the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) world, it is not often one hears of B2C landing page having conversions in the range of 20% !. In simple terms, this means that if 100 people visit the landing page via organic or paid means, around 20 of them take the action which we intended the user […]

Swiggy – Why they would SHUTDOWN soon!

In all the hype about startups and funding people seem to forget that businesses exist to make profit and they are not about growing at breakneck speed  to capture market share first . Unit economics must match up very soon in the business else it will end up in a spiral of fund raises reaching […]

Online Restaurant – Difficult Problem to solve!

Last week we had news of SpoonJoy shutting down operations in parts and also of Dazo (Tapcibo earlier) shutting down its operations due to lack of  ability to make a profitable business. Having closely  been observing Food/Restaurant industry during the last 5 years in Bangalore ( <Starting a restaurant >)and also deeply involved in starting […]

How to hack your next job via LinkedIN?

Being in the Digital Marketing domain I have been asked by a couple of friends if this knowledge of Digital Marketing techniques can help a candidate land a better job. Heck the answer is yes ! 🙂 .. I will reveal the secret to hack your way into your next job .Do you want to […]

Reskill or Perish :Writing is on the wall

Note:The thoughts expressed here are distilled from my leanings of running a full time start-up and the followed by my experiences of getting back into a job. Do read this i hope should provide answers to many people who are in a similar situation i.e mid-career blues. Some of the thoughts presented here are also […]

Paradise Experiences : Lean Experiment Result

One the things which i did some time back was  working on validating an idea using the lean experiment appoarch. This is  for a start up which is run by my friend Ravi Hulliyapa called as Paradise Experiences and i helped with it during the weekends with my experience of Digital Marketing and understanding of Lean Experimentation. […]

Why Google will buy Outbrain/Taboola ?

Adsense is now more than 10 year old product powering most of Google’s 22 billion dollar revenue , however i have been noticing a subtle shift in user behavior over the last 3-4 years. I have see than users are becoming smarter and tending to develop ‘ad blindness’ . This is a phenomenon which makes the […]