Monthly Archives: February 2012

Rediffmail – Indian Product Capturing Imgination

Hi , I am not sure how many of you  are aware of Rediffmail which is an email service from .   It is a product which has been entirely build by an indian technology company and has millions of users on a daily basis . To get a view on the number of users […]

Scrollable online comic – an innovative way to highlight a start-up

What’s a scrollable comic, you might be wondering? Head to ShoutOut to get a glimpse. It is one of the coolest ways to interactively convey website’s message to people. You don’t need to use lots of text, you simply use visual cues manipulated by the arrow keys (or whatever navigation mechanism your device has) and […]

Follow your Passion ..

Yesterday i saw this wonderfull video which shows a person started a dance party in ‘Sasquatch music festival 2009′ The video shows how a dancer is enjoying himself throughly in his own weird dance sequence. The beauty of this video is that even though the dance moves made by him sound weird at the first […]