How to better the Zenify landing page?

Though Zenify landing page does a brilliant job there are 3 -4 places which can be improved upon by them to further improve on conversions.

  1. The existing landing page <Owner Landing Page>  has gone a bit overboard in terms of explaining all advantages of the services on the same landing page. This is making the landing page too long, users don’t have time to scroll below 3 screens, but Zenify has more than 6 screens of scrolls, it needs to reduce it and focus on the 4 needs which I have highlighted in the previous sections.
  2. Use a good explainer video instead of a creative to communicate how the service works.
  3. The CTA “Rent My Apartment” should be available at the end of the landing page and in addition, should be blended with other screens. This means that the user does not have to scroll back to the top to perform the action which we intend him to perform and also serves to reinforce the message regarding the CTA in the mind of the user.
  4. Enhance the credibility signals by adding client testimonials from other owners who have benefitted from Zenify. This will add additional trust in the users mind to make his decision.